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Find by name: Back to Full List. Then this mod is probably for you! Boss Expertise makes bosses behave like they're in Expert Mode, even though their stats don't change. BossExpertise also adds some optional features like bosses dropping Treasure Bags in Normal Modewhich are disabled by default.

Big thanks to Pop for maintaining the mod. Are Normal Mode bosses too boring? Three diferent stlyes can be used Changelog v1. JoJoStands Wiki Be warned: It's a bumpy ride, and there's no telling where you might end up! This solutions range from Filling solutions, which fill empty space with a block or liquidRemoval solutions that remove any block or liquidbiome spreading solutions, such as one for the Ice biome, to Ore spreading solutions that replace stone with a variety of ores and gems.

This mod also add two new Clentaminator types, also sold by the Terraformer: the "One Shot Clentaminator" that allows you to fire one solution vial at a time no more consuming 5 vials to convert one block and the "Boomstick Clentaminator" that fires three bursts of spray shotgun spread per single vial shot also with no auto reuse.

To unlock the Terraformer, you need to have any Clentaminator in your inventory and an empty house. If she dies, she will only respawn if you have a clentaminator with you. Changelog v 1.

Actuating version sold by the Terraformer for 10 silver, post Golem, De-Actuating version crafted from 1 Actuating one. Made from 10 actuators and one Mineral Solution. Sold by the Terraformer after defeating the Golem for 50 Silver. Example: If you only have a Copper pickaxe with you, dungeon bricks cannot be removed.

tmodloader github

However, if you have a Cobalt Pickaxe and a Copper Pickaxe in your inventory, dungeon bricks will be destroyed. For Lihzarhd Bricks, a Picksaw in your inventory is required, regardless of where it lies. It is sold by the Terraformer after you defeat all 3 mechanical bosses.

Changelog V1. Also let me know what other mods to support. Hope you enjoy the mod! Changelog: v0. NOTE: Update 1.

Week of 2/28/21

If you see or find anything odd be sure to tell me! Reduced Tyrranoid Noise Updated a few sprites v1. Resprited a bunch of items to be more visually appealing Added Infinite Ammo variants and config.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. This item is incompatible with tModLoader.

Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within tModLoader. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. It 's connected to the amount of Total Physical Memory you have.

This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. Planterror Offline. Guide Index. Introduction to The Guide. Before You Continue! Vanilla Terraria and bit tModLoader Required. System Requirements. Finding and Downloading. Preparing and Modifying tModLoader.

tmodloader github

Testing and Launching tModLoader. Issues and Solutions.

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Useful Resources. Credits Developers, Supporting Staff, Contributors. Final Sic. It's amazing to see Terraria port tModLoader over to Steam, now properly giving it an official endorsement, a big Re-Logic seal of approval, however, there are a few issues, especially with being limited to the mods you could add behind the infamous "4GB memory limit", and mods throwing occasional fits and crashing the browser.Find by name: Back to Full List.

Please enjoy! Use the "Query Hovered Item" hotkey to quickly bring up the recipe browser with the hovered item. Assign it in the keybindings menu, I suggest middle click Click on any Recipe to see details. Use categories and search filter to find the recipe you want. Alt click on a recipe to pin a recipe.

Place an item in the slot to find related recipes. You can view extended crafting options in the Craft menu. Recipes that can be satisfied with multiple crafting steps will be here. Also try out the Item Catalogue and Bestiary. There is an integrated Help in the Recipe Browser as well. Assign it in the keybindings menu Use the "Query Hovered Item" hotkey to quickly bring up the recipe browser with the hovered item. Toggle the checklist with the hotkey assigned to it in the settings.

If you would like a mod to be supported, please encourage the modder to add support to this mod. Introducing the Boss Log, which enhances the traditional boss checklist experience with customization and features with configs. Improved boss checklist View more information about bosses Set new records for the bosses you fight Boss loot and collectible checklists Boss despawn messages display in chat Boss radar for bosses that are off-screen Respawn timer appears while dead Certain items like treasure bags appear on the map.

Press K or whatever hotkey you've assigned to "Toggle Cheat Sheet Hotbar" or click the button at the bottom center of your screen to view the Cheat Sheet Hotbar to access all the items. With the config, you can set tools to only be available to the host in multiplayer if you wish. All the tools will be limited by the permissions assigned to your user.

See below for mod details, please note some buttons have a right-click feature as an addition to left-click. Item Browser: Click an item to grab a full stack of that item or Shift-click to move a full stack of that item immediately to your inventory.Find by name: Back to Full List.

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Changelog Version 1. Because who doesn't love guns. Super Emblems - Made by combining any of the regular class-specific emblems with an Avenger Emblem. Changelog: v1. The First Major Update v0. But it doesnt have Souls yet. The Wiki! Happy New Year! Don't like having to go farming for more of those boss summons? Unconsumable Boss Summons is a mod that adds in boss summoning items that are infinitely usable. Every Boss item can be crafted before their respective bosses.

Giving you infinite attempts to kill a boss without having to go back to farming for their summoning items. All vanilla bosses by default have infinite summoning items. This mod also add in the ability to spawn in multiple of any boss with said summoning item.

Some recipes The goal of the project is to eventually have infinite summons for all major content mods. Contact me at Juni Knytt for any bugs or suggests.

tModLoader Mod List

This mod makes every single theme unique by adding around 20 new tracks. In vanilla six bosses alone share the Boss 1 Theme for example, with this mod every single boss will have it's own custom composed theme, specifically for this game, often recycling small, or big portions of existing tracks. Boss 1 to 5 are still used by one boss respectively, by the one that best fits it in my opinion.

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This is NOT a music replacement mod. You will still find every theme you love somewhere in the game. That's right, many new biome themes have been implemented, to make certain areas feel more special, without removing any. Hell still plays it's an original theme, but occasionally it'll switch to the Eerie theme it used to have like the Forest and Underground have one alternate theme respectively.

Every Track has it's own music box of coursewith Terraria-like sprites - and the vanilla music boxes have been reworked, just so everything fits better together. One new NPC is added with this mod. The Lonely Vendor, they sell each mod- and vanilla music box for 1 platinum each, because honestly, I want to make sure you get to hear every theme; that's why I made them after all. Three themes are replaced by default but can be toggled off. Boss 3 doesn't fit the bosses' atmosphere and underground Crimson is hardly music.

The reason I replaced underground corruption is that, in my opinion, it doesn't fit the zone at all. I tried to retain the spirit of the theme, so I made a sort of evil remaster of the underground theme. Toggle them off if you wish! I won't be mad! Every theme should feel unique, not just some. Need Modding Help!Find by name: Back to Full List.

tmodloader github

Display combat information of NPC. When you move the cursor to NPC information, drop information is displayed. By switching the button, information on the NPC that is spawning, information on the item being dropped is displayed. The straight line to the closest target among the objects selected by left click is displayed.

Display the target value in the tooltip. The value of spawn NPC is approximate and there are differences from coins actually dropped. The presence or absence of information to be displayed on the tooltip can be specified by setting change.

Modification of setting can be done with Mod Settings Configurator. To hide it, please set it with config.

tModLoader Mod List

Drop information also includes information on Thorium, Tremor, and Calamity. By editing the file you can change the drop information. Teleport to the target by left double-click. Right double-click to teleport the target to the player.

Animate the display of NPC. Also some items to animate. By changing the animation speed, you can change the operation speed. I am grateful to Mr. Flashkirby99 for making the setting of Mod easy. Running, jumping, and other activities now require pacing.

Credits: Darkpuppy - Mounted Mirror sprite tweak. Fast travel can be done between any discovered mounted mirrors in the world. Improves the paint function of the game by adding a spray applicator, letting you paint with smooth, fast, full-RGB color across your world.Go to the documentation of this file. Audio. Exceptions. Config. AutoLoadAll. Open. GetStream entry. Name, entry. Length, GetStream. Add entry. Name. Dispose. CacheFiles skipCache.

GetExtension path. ToLower.

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ChangeExtension path, null. GetTextValue "tModLoader. IsSubclassOf typeof ModConfig. CreateInstance type. Server can, but won't be synced. Autoload ref name.A mod to make and play Terraria mods. Supports Terraria 1. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.

If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. TML expands your Terraria adventures with new content to explore created by the Terraria community! TML allows players to create and play Terraria mods and is designed in such a way so that you can play alone or together with friends, with one mod or with multiple mods: choose to play however you like! It is however required that all your friends also install TML if you want to play together; it is not possible for vanilla users to play with TML users.

Find the instructions below to learn how to install TML.


Note : the code on this GitHub repository will be ahead of the current released version. Want to play or create mods? Or do you want to contribute to tModLoader perhaps? Click the text that applies to you. First and foremost, TML is largely a community endavour: built by the community; used by the community. Without all the contributions people in the community have made over the years, TML would not be in the state it is in.

TML is a free-to-use modification of the game, and will stay that way. However, if you would like to buy us a coffee, or maybe even multiple, you can choose to pledge some money to support us financially. We'd like to kindly express once again that TML was not created with the purpose of creating a profit.

All of the core team members continue their best efforts to improve and maintain TML despite their real life obligations, free of charge or any request from the community.

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